Thanks to cloudflare you can now use Google analytics on your blog. Here is how:

Dear reader,

Yes… I haven’t blogged for a while. Now I must say that it wasn’t because I was on holiday tanning and enjoying delicuous cocktails. (I wish…). I have actually been really busy with my master degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I am loving my course as well as the uni.

So, today I am writing a post about Google analytics. Why? Well, I am currently a teacher assistant with General Assembly london working on their 8 weeks Customer Acquisition Marketing course. As part of the course content is on Google analytics I realised that I still haven’t installed it on my blog.

As I was looking on line to find a solution to finally be able to use Google analytics on my blog I came across this article. The article was really useful but I struggled to install the DNS names as I am not self hosted and purchased my domain through

So here is a tuturial to help you install Google analytics on your blog given that you purchased your domain through wordpress!

1. Install Cloudflare as jonathonbalogh explains here 

2. At the end of the installation cloudflare ask you to update your name servers

change name servers

3. Leave this window open and go to your blog dashboard. There select store –> Domains


3. Under the menu “What would you like to do” click  Make changes to DNSadd domain

4. If you have never accessed this settings before you will be asked to enter a username and password. Chose a username and password. Remember to copy your customer reference number at this stage. you will need it on the next page!

Customer number

5. Click on manage your domains. You will be ask your costumer reference number and your password before being taken to the next page. Click on your website name. Once on the page click on set nameservers.

set name servers

6. Change the names of nameserver 1 and nameserver2  for the ones given to you by cloudfare.


7. If you haven’t done so before you must create a Google analytics account.  go to and create an account. You will then get a tracking ID.

8. On cloudlfare click on Settings –> cloudflare settings

Cloudfare settings

9. Under setting overview click on Google analytics –> manage

10. Add the tracking code and press enter. Here we go, you are all set up!! 🙂

google analytics

Voila! It seems to be working fine for me 🙂

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