Get a treat in exchange of a tweet in the Special K “Tweet Shop”

To promote their new range of crisps Kellogg’s opened its fist  Special K “Tweet Shop” in the heart of Soho. Situated in Meard Street the shop look like an old candy shop with bright colours and loads of treats inside.

The lovely sales assistants or should they be called “Tweet assistant”  will welcome you in their lovely red Special K red dress.

The principle is simple, you can get to try their new product in exchange of a tweet that include the hashtag #Tweetshop. If many brands like American Express  already used social media to moneytise Twitter hashtags , the Kellogg’s Special K Tweet shop is the first marketing initiative that combines real-life shopping experience with a social media incentive using social media as a currency.

A really innovative and smart initiative that will probably be repeated in the future by other brands. Social media branding has just started and I am eager to see what new concepts marketers will be coming up with in the future.

The timing was also right on the spot, with the Social Media Week London happening this week in London Kellogg’s did not only created the buzz thanks to the hashtags posted on Twitter but also with all the avid social media users talking about their initiative. And that is exactly what brought me to the store, after reading about it on Twitter I couldn’t wait to see it with my own eyes!

Customers could either send a pre-written tweet or choose to send their own.

What more, you could even tweet from the ipad put at your disposition in the shop.

Visiting the store was a pretty good deal for the customers, indeed for one tweet you will receive 3 pack of crisps!

As these two pictures can confirm Lina and myself were pretty happy after visiting.

I personally believe that the future of experimental marketing lay with social media initiative and this particular initiative was in my opinion really good.

What do you think, would you like to pay for your food by sending a sponsored tweet?

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