Paris, my top 5 tips

1. All museums are free the first Sunday of the month….

So if you are in the capital around that time it is the perfect timing to go and visit. Unlike London, museums are not free in Paris except on these days. It is generally crowded so arriving early in the morning is a must

2. Backpakers, looking for a fun free tour of the city?


So here is your deal. Sandemans new Europe offer great tours and the guide are payed on a tips only basis. I did few of them in Europe and it has always been a great moment. Often the highlight of the trip. Check it out!

3. Get on the top of the Montparnasse Tower for the best view possible


Everyone wants to get on the top of the Eiffel Tower, but really isn’t the Eiffel Tower the highlight of Paris? And the thing is when you are on it…. well you can’t see it. The montparnasse Tower is 689 feets hight and open until 10.30 pm. The tips will be to go for sunset time to have stunning sunset and night time picture. What more: it is cheaper than the Eiffel Tower

4. Friday night skating or cycling


If you can stand and make your way around with roller blades this is for you. Every Friday night. It starts at 10 am and last for 3 hours. A great fun and ludic way to discover the French capital. If you are not confortable on roller blades go and take a Velib, it is fun and the first 30 minutes are free Check the website bellow for more info

5. Go to a restaurant and order a tournedos Rossini with a glass of red wine


Because life can’t get better than that. For the wine, mature red wine such as St Emilion, Medoc or Pomerol would be perfect


Le jardin des Tuileries, Paris

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