French presidential election 2012: ‘Anyone but Sarkozy’

When my flatmate Vincent came to me last week, asking if I was interested in giving an interview about the French presidential elections, I accepted without thinking. If there has been times when I lost total interest in politics, this isn’t the case for the last French presidential campaign. Sitting in front of my computer, I have been following the campaign carefully and found myself really drawn into it. As the campaign started, I realised that leaving abroad, was actually a great help in building my own opinions and thoughts. Indeed, if the French nation is overexposed to the campaign, as a French living in a foreign country I am choosing when and how to access the media.

However, as I read through articles in the English news I quickly realised that most of the views represented in the press were coming from the wealthy and really affluent French community of South Kensington. The French community living in South Kensington is surely well represented in London but it is far from representing the French nation as a whole. Indeed, we are talking here about a few families, that came to England with wife, kids and a great salary package, voting generally conservative or right as we say it in France.

For all these reasons, the idea of meeting a journalist from The Guardian  was more than appealing, exiting. Vincent and myslef were hoping to see another view represented in the English media, the view of a younger and left leaning community that we were glad to represent. Last Thursday, siting in a pub in Bethnal Green, drinking a glass of cheap red wine, I had the chance to talk and discuss about the French presidential campaign Lizzy Davies.

The outcome of our little talk is a great article that appeared page 15 in the main section of  The Guardian on the Saturday 14th of April 2012. The article is also available on line fron the following link

French elections: How will London vote? 

Credits: The Guardian, Photograph: Martin Argles.

Available from:

 If you were wondering how I was leaning politically, here is your answer. Knowing that, it will come to no surprises to you that I smiled largely when seing the last pool results in the news this morning.

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